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Monday, February 23, 2009

The Terrible Horrible No Good Very Bad Day

It didn't begin so badly. I woke up, alive. That's always good.

But then, when the kids were with the babysitter, Ellias, pushing his sister in an umbrella stroller, let go. And she landed, lips first, in the back of a truck. Blood. Crying. Fat lip, as you can see. It made me sick with sadness. As far as I'm concerned, she should never be hurt. Ever.
And then, Ellias, who loves to come to the bathroom with me, got a new mantra. "Mama," he said. "You have a hairy gina."
Well. I guess, technically, this is true. It's not like I'm bald, and since becoming a mother I've given up my adult modeling career and no longer shave little heart emblems into my pubic hair (I trust that you won't believe this), but still. Still. Hairy gina is just not very appealing. It makes it seem so...hairy. Like a muppet. Or a monster. Or a hamster.
Thankfully, that was Friday. And today is going much better. No blood. No mention of the nether regions. Keep your fingers crossed.


  1. Oh my god she's so BIG!! When did that happen??!?

    Hubby is heading out east for Josh's rabbinic ordination in May and now I'm feeling jealous. I want to go visit MY friends, and their cute little babies! Wah!

    Maybe next year?

    Glad she's ok. Apparently Goober scared the crap out of my mom yesterday, when he spotted puddles. In the street. Which absolutely HAD to be splashed in right then and there regardless of oncoming traffic or no adult hand ready to hold.

    Fun times, fun times.

  2. My oldest is under the impression that moms don't have bums. Just hair.