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Thursday, March 5, 2009

Kindly Remove Yourself From My Derriere

Funny, isn't it? I used to think, in the once upon a time of my earlier life, that I would love having children because they would keep me company.

Well, I was right. They give me company. A lot of company. Sometimes, an invading kind of company. Like a crawling up every crevice of your body kind of company.

I'm touched and poked and drooled on. Climbed on. Jumped on. Ellias puts his fingers in his nose. Then my nose. I do not pee alone. Or poop alone. And finally, when they are both asleep (for 10 minutes and then Adeline wakes up), I am alone. Autonomous. No one is touching me.

And the cat arrives. He pushes himself under my hand. He presses his nose to my mouth for a kiss. He shoves his flat, matted backside into my face.

I just want to be left alone. With my chocolate. Is that so very much to ask for?

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