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Sunday, July 12, 2009

Announcing the "I'm a Mess" Motherhood Championship Contest

Well, I love new mothers. I just do. I see them, braving the strange world, small, blinky-eyed little new thing in their arms, and I want to--I want to give them all sorts of unsolicited advice. God, it's hard to be bossy.

Seeing as I can't do that (and shouldn't do that), I am announcing a new contest exclusively for first time mothers with babies under one year. (Terribly selective, I know, but I'm looking for the Joys among us. [That's the main character in my novel.])

Here are the rules.

1. Submit an essay by email only to samanthawilde@live.com.

2. You may write an essay about a new mother you know or about yourself if you are a new mother.

3. No more than 800 words.

4. Write why you are a mess (messy, tired, bewildered, on a steep-learning curve, drinking lots of coffee, eating lots of chocolate, etc.). Be humorous please and not totally depressing.

5. Then you must include some of the things/skills/gifts you have gained in your new mothering experience. In other words, why you are in fact a CHAMPION mother. And YES, go on and praise yourself. I WANT you to. It will feel GOOD to see how much you have gained.

6. DEADLINE: September 1

7. You must include your name and email address. If your essay is chosen you will be notified by email and will need to send along a mailing address.

I will pick TWO winning entries.

The winners will each receive a signed copy of THIS LITTLE MOMMY STAYED HOME and have their essay published on this blog.

So go on, reach out and touch me with your essay. New mamas, you are already champions, but if you have time to write an essay, you really will deserve an award.

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