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Monday, April 20, 2009

I'm on Tour!

I'm tremendously excited about my BOOK TOUR. Can you believe it? (I can't.) Will you come? (I will.) Will you spread the word? (Pretty please?) Can you imagine anything worse than doing a book talk and signing to an audience of one? (Of course you can. But still, it's pretty bad.) Or maybe three would be worse. Anyway, spread the word! I promise to be as entertaining as humanly possible. And hey, the talk is free and the book is only $11. You can afford it even in this economy!

AND if you have a great bookstore nearby and a bunch of mommy friends, I'd love to come tour in your town.

You'll notice some of the talks are with Nancy Thayer. That's my mother! Her nineteenth novel will be published on the same day as my first. Now, that's a good story....

Samantha's Big (well, sort of), Beautiful, Book Tour
Please click on the bookstore to find directions.

South Hadley, MA
Odyssey Bookshop—Reading/Signing, 7:00 pm—06/25/09

Fairfield, CT
Borders—Reading/Signing with Nancy Thayer, 3:00 pm—06/27/09

Williamstown, MA
Williamstown Library event at Williams Inn—Reading/signing with Nancy Thayer, 2:00 p.m.—06/28/09

Burlington, VT
Borders—Reading/Signing, 7:00 pm—07/09/09

Concord, MA
Concord Bookshop—Reading/Signing, 3:00 pm—07/26/09


  1. Thanks for the sweet comment mama! It's too bad you aren't coming near TX! You New Englanders are scared to come down South! Boo!

  2. Ooh, Ooh, come and do a book signing in Eugene!!! I'll guarantee you a HUGE mommy-crowd. Really!

  3. Yes, but will the bookstore pay to have me flown out there? And for the serious DRUGS that I will need to take in order to board a flying tin can?

    Of course, other than that, consider me there!

  4. Lolly, I'd love to come to Texas, but I will have to get as important as Stephen King first.
    Also, I will come in the winter!

  5. Audience of one.....that reminds me..... ah yes, here it is!