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Monday, June 15, 2009

Field Notes

1. Pointing to a photograph on the refrigerator of me as a wee-one:
"Look! It's baby Mama!"

This would be the first time I've been called a baby-mama.

2. Sitting at the dinner table discussing why solely eating ketchup in the absence of any other nutritional matter is not a good idea, I asked my son, "Would you want to wake up and find that you'd become a bottle of ketchup?"

"I'm a boy!" he replied, in a moment of literalism uncommon for an almost three year old.

"Well, what's a boy made of?"

"Nothing," he replied.

I poked his soft belly. "Then, what's inside you?"

"God," he said. Then, after a pause: "and blood." A longer pause. "And ketchup."

3. Often, when playing with insects and other small creatures, I say to him, "Be gentle. Remember it's alive."

The other day, during a routine bum wiping episode after (well, don't make me say it, the word is already flagrantly littering this blog), my son said: "Be gentle. I'm alive."


  1. Be gentle baby mama! that's so cute! I can't wait for Ave to start spewing cute-isms at me!

  2. Too funny and cute!

    Hugs and Mocha,

  3. Stesha, your blog is excellent and BEAUTIFUL!

  4. Oh, the wiping. Does it ever end? My oldest is 7, and she's still yelling for me from the bathroom. Fun post. So excited for your book launch!