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Monday, December 7, 2009

What to Get for the Holidays

Probably I should win an award for most boring person of the year.

I am, in fact, so boring that I can't even think of anything to blog about. I must then give in to seasonal blogging.

It's the holiday season. (I actually love this time of year and have lots of profound things to say about it, which I will spare you.)

So you're probably wondering what you can get me as a present, but are undoubtedly too shy to ask.

What I want for Christmas from the blogging universe is a second printing for my novel. You can either go out and buy 2000 copies personally (only about $20,000), or you can simply buy a few for your friends.

Seriously, I think the book is a perfect gift for new mothers. If you give my book and Anne Lamott's OPERATING INSTRUCTIONS you will make a new mother happy, healthy and sane in the new year. You will help her to feel like her feelings are okay. You will let her know that she is not alone. You will give her laughter. I have a special place for new mothers in my heart, having been one myself so recently, and if we can have some new-mother sanity, we will be that much closer to peace on earth. And a second printing for my book.


  1. I've just discovered your blog and look forward to reading it, checking out your book, and the Anne Lamott suggestion you've got here, too! Thanks!

  2. Hi Western Mass Mama. You're just around the corner! Wait to read my book and Lamott's until AFTER that little baby comes. They'll be much funnier then....If we meet in person, I'll sign a copy for you, not that I'm in Easthampton that often, but you never know.