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Monday, December 14, 2009

What We Buy For Christmas

However scrooge-like I may seem in saying this, I don't like buying for Christmas. Or, at any rate, I don't like the "enforced" compulsion to buy arbitrarily.

And with kids? My son would just as soon get a branch to play with than a toy. My daughter gets really excited just before we nurse. The greatest gift I could get is sleep. And I think my husband would like me to get out of bed.

See? Nowhere in there are fancy presents, plastic things that sing, or objects to get broken, lost or fought over.

We like to give our hard earned cash to The Food Bank of Western Mass. We also like Heifer International. My husband likes Habitat for Humanity. But I think if you're going to give, the nicest way is more personally--if you know someone who has a need and you can supply it anonymously. I especially love to give to new mothers, so if you know of a new mother in need of something, tell me. I'd like to help.

In the meantime, I have to go purchase some Scotch tape. (We don't have any.) So I can wrap the two gifts that I've bought. The rest I am planning on baking.

Cause, hey, really, all we need is love.


  1. Love - and latkes. Mmm, calories...

  2. Also - best gift for a cat is an empty cardboard box. Or, even better, a cardboard box filled with newspaper!

  3. You can save even more by doubling your gift and using it also for the toddler. They, too, adore cardboard boxes.

  4. I couldn't have said it better!

    My sister is going to be a new mommy in January & has had a rough time throughout her pregnancy. The babies father left her and has since moved across a few states. She is in need of all things essential to having a baby. My husband and I have not had any children at this point, but have tried to help her in any way possible lately. From maternity clothes, a baby shower, and lots of baby type things, but our budget is not friendly to giving much more. She will be breastfeeding as long as she can and has been given furniture and a car seat for when the baby comes. I dont think she has been able to think very far in advance as far as purchasing diapers, and other things that babies NEED! I'm sure she would appreciate anything that you would be able to bless her with & if you would like to know more about her-email me at rjstandeford@gmail.com. I just started reading your blog from my sister in law & will continue! Have a Merry Christmas!


  5. Thanks, Roxanne. Where does your sister live? (Will she need warm baby clothes?) Any other moms out there have some new baby items they can part with? Maybe we can gather some things together to send to her.
    If you can send something along for a January baby, please email me or leave a comment here.
    Also, maybe you could find out Roxanne if there any specifics that she'd like so we don't double up on things she doesn't need. (Like wipe warmers....)

  6. Yes! Warm clothes are great...We live in Indiana its roughly 28-35 degrees right now!

    She actually does need a wipe warmer (didnt get one of those yet), she could use long sleeve onsies in all sizes, sleepers, play & sleep clothes, vaporizer, coupons for diapers, bottles fit for nursing moms, nursing bra/clothes, and toys. We've both been so worried about necessities (blankets, bathing, feeding things) that we havent really been able to get toys yet! Thank you so much for your help-I know she will greatly appreciate it :)
    God bless you & have a Merry Christmas


  7. Hey Roxanne,
    Email me direct at samanthawilde (at) live (dot) com and we can work out the details!!