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Friday, May 27, 2011

Come to The Writer's Life

I will be speaking, along with my New York Times Bestselling mother, Nancy Thayer, and author Brian Leaf at my children's preschool fundraising event.

Get your tickets now!

The Writer's Life: Writing for Love, Writing for Money

EVENT DATE: June 2, 2011 7:00 pm at the First Congregational Church, Amherst, in the dining room.

An author panel exploring the passion behind publication as well as the practical aspects. Featuring New York Times Bestselling author Nancy Thayer, a true career novelist, whose 21st novel will be published this June. Joining her will be Brian Leaf, the author of ten non-fiction books, whose work has been widely featured in the media. Samantha Wilde, whose debut novel was published in 2009, will round out the panel as she speaks about the experience of being a new writer, landing a two-book deal, and writing women's fiction in a competitive market.

EVENT COST: Tickets are $10 in advance and $10 at the door. For tickets please email info@springstreetpreschool.org, sam@samanthawilde.com, or ziomekgardens@gmail.com. Or call 256-8442.

All proceeds go to benefit Spring Street Preschool, a private, not for profit, preschool located in the heart of downtown Amherst. With a history of 53 years in Amherst, Spring Street Preschool offers a play-filled, nurturing environment with an innovative, unique child-lead program of social, academic, artistic and spiritual inquiry.

There will be refreshments for sale, a book raffle, question and answer time, and opportunity for book signing.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Civilize Your Feet

I have discovered that I am not a natural blogger. Not because I don't like to write or lack the discipline of regular posting, but because blogging doesn't DO anything for me. It doesn't feel rewarding in and of itself. In fact, sometimes it leaves me a tad bit lonely.... I never have been keen on the cyber world of anonymity.

So if you want to find me when you can't find me here, visit my website or my ministry blog which shares a heart practice, or the women writers blog that I write for every two months.

In the mean time, some treasures from my life:
My son as he got his feet onto his scooter: "Let me just get my feet civilized."
and while he spoke with his sister.
"If you don't say something, I can't hear you."