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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Mother's Day? Mother's Month! May is for Mothers.

This is the mother of all months, the month for all mothers. It's May and I am dedicating my online presence for the month of May to the millions upon millions of mothers on the planet. Every day in May, either on my Facebook author site or on the blog, I will post about mothers and for mothers. I'll also be giving away books, a book bag, chocolate and maybe a few surprises. Join me by subscribing to this blog or liking me on Facebook so you don't miss a post! Then share me with mothers in your life--especially the ones who need a boost.

I'm kicking off the month with a live performance tomorrow at the MotherWoman fundraising breakfast of my Motherhood Is Meaningful Manifesto, which I'll perform with the amazing artist, minister writer and radio host, Alysia Crosby. For those who aren't at the breakfast, a link to a video of the piece will be available soon after and it WILL empower you.

I'm up from some reader participation, too. If you make something or have something that mothers would enjoy or benefit from, how about giving a few away this month to other mothers? Just leave me a comment or send off an email and help me to nurture the mothers.

As a prelude to my mothers month, here's my own mother, author Nancy Thayer, with a few words about cheese in what has become The Cheese Wars on Chick Lit Chit Chat.

A mother's love is always cheesy.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Read about my cheese!

I am with the amazing Julie Valerie today at Chick Lit Chit Chat talking cheese. Something I know nothing about. And doesn't that make a great post?

I'm also giving away a signed copy on her site of I'll Take What She Has. Click the link below, enjoy the cheese talk and enter to win a copy.

Here it is!

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Oh, Mama, you can't say the F-word!

I'm talking about mamas, motherhood, writing about women's issues, and that dreaded F-word, Feminism, with the wonderful women of Yeah, What She Said.

"Yeah, What She Said is Calgary’s only feminist/women’s radio program. Each week your hosts Jennie, Allison, Cherise and Emily explore various issues that affect women locally, nationally and globally.
As the voice of Calgary’s feminist community we inform you about upcoming events and interview local women who are doing amazing things. We also bring you women’s stories and news from around the globe, exploring a wide range of feminist topics from serious issues like prostitution to fun shows on pop culture.
Most importantly, we give a voice to women, introduce the public to feminist ideas, and hopefully leave you questioning, thinking and wanting to know more!"

Listen in.

Thursday, April 4, 2013

I Am Trying To Say Something About What Matters

Where have I been this past week?

I made a mini-movie. I want you to share it with every mother you know.

I got to visit the awesome Luxury Reading site with a guest post: Monsters, Dragons, Castles, And Other Things I Don’t (Really) Write About. 
When you visit, stay awhile. There is so much to read. It's a wonderful resources for book lovers.

You can find out five things you probably didn't know about me at the lovely Shelf Pleasures site. I just love their web decor. I also wrote a piece for them about the journey I'll Take What She Had took to get to publication called The Little Book That Could.

I got truly gleeful seeing my book on the new release table at Amherst Books, my favorite local store where I order all my books.

I spent my blogging April Fool's day with the fabulous women's fiction writer Marilyn Brant on her Brant Flakes blog. If you need a laugh, read this!

Tomorrow I go for an interview for the Boston television program The Literati Scene. 
It will air in May and I'll keep everyone posted for that!

I can't wait to visit Book Ends in Winchester, MA for a reading and signing April 29 at 7 p.m. I hope all my Boston area friends will come out and have a book party with me!

In all this doing, I really am trying to say something about what matters to me, that in my work and life I can speak into the lives of other mothers and women with humor and honesty.  Let me know if I can come talk to your book group or your local bookstore. Book groups that are far away can have a virtual/Skype visit. Help keep me busy, please! My children certainly don't ;-)