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Thursday, April 4, 2013

I Am Trying To Say Something About What Matters

Where have I been this past week?

I made a mini-movie. I want you to share it with every mother you know.

I got to visit the awesome Luxury Reading site with a guest post: Monsters, Dragons, Castles, And Other Things I Don’t (Really) Write About. 
When you visit, stay awhile. There is so much to read. It's a wonderful resources for book lovers.

You can find out five things you probably didn't know about me at the lovely Shelf Pleasures site. I just love their web decor. I also wrote a piece for them about the journey I'll Take What She Had took to get to publication called The Little Book That Could.

I got truly gleeful seeing my book on the new release table at Amherst Books, my favorite local store where I order all my books.

I spent my blogging April Fool's day with the fabulous women's fiction writer Marilyn Brant on her Brant Flakes blog. If you need a laugh, read this!

Tomorrow I go for an interview for the Boston television program The Literati Scene. 
It will air in May and I'll keep everyone posted for that!

I can't wait to visit Book Ends in Winchester, MA for a reading and signing April 29 at 7 p.m. I hope all my Boston area friends will come out and have a book party with me!

In all this doing, I really am trying to say something about what matters to me, that in my work and life I can speak into the lives of other mothers and women with humor and honesty.  Let me know if I can come talk to your book group or your local bookstore. Book groups that are far away can have a virtual/Skype visit. Help keep me busy, please! My children certainly don't ;-)

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