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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Oh, Mama, you can't say the F-word!

I'm talking about mamas, motherhood, writing about women's issues, and that dreaded F-word, Feminism, with the wonderful women of Yeah, What She Said.

"Yeah, What She Said is Calgary’s only feminist/women’s radio program. Each week your hosts Jennie, Allison, Cherise and Emily explore various issues that affect women locally, nationally and globally.
As the voice of Calgary’s feminist community we inform you about upcoming events and interview local women who are doing amazing things. We also bring you women’s stories and news from around the globe, exploring a wide range of feminist topics from serious issues like prostitution to fun shows on pop culture.
Most importantly, we give a voice to women, introduce the public to feminist ideas, and hopefully leave you questioning, thinking and wanting to know more!"

Listen in.

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