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Thursday, April 18, 2013

Read about my cheese!

I am with the amazing Julie Valerie today at Chick Lit Chit Chat talking cheese. Something I know nothing about. And doesn't that make a great post?

I'm also giving away a signed copy on her site of I'll Take What She Has. Click the link below, enjoy the cheese talk and enter to win a copy.

Here it is!


  1. Samantha, your post on my blog is so FUNNY and I love the book trailer we attached to your blog post. Thanks so much for helping me celebrate great writers and a great sandwich during the Grilled Cheese & Chick Lit Authors Month party I'm hosting. I've been talking cheese and books on the food blogs and in Twitter - the cross promotion between food and books has been so much fun. Cheers!

  2. Julie, it's my total pleasure to virtually hang with you at Chick Lit Chit Chat because you are one awesome Mama chick!

  3. And low and behold - I saw your Facebook video today where you interviewed your mom with those hysterical questions. Soooo funny! I shared, liked, and commented. So funny!