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Friday, January 8, 2010

Nature vs....What?

Well, there goes another piece of useful knowledge gained in my many years of women's studies and through my generally progressive education. Biology is destiny. Or, at least, most of the time.

But it all beings with the current fashion crises in our household. Not my fashion, of course, as I have none, but that of my daughter. No outerwear can be worn that does not display flowers. This means, that despite the 20 degree weather, she will not wear her winter coat and boots. She will kick, scream, flail and be impossible to dress. (This is not a metaphor. It is literally not possible to dress her in this state. The other day, once outside, she kicked her boots off while lying in the snow and having a tantrum.)

My dear daughter. Her first word was Mama. Her second word? Shoe.

She is so unrelenting, this fashionista of femininity.

She is also obsessed with dolls, just as I was as a child. In fact, her obsession is so thick that while playing at the sink tonight with water and measuring cups--no baby dolls anywhere to be seen--she lay open the cleaning cloth on the counter and declared: "My baby sleep here." It was a blanket. For the baby doll.

She'll be a good mother. Always thinking of her children even when they're not around.

Which reminds me. Shouldn't I do something better with my free time than blog about my children?


  1. No! It's the only way I keep up with the news about them! :)

    Goobs is a little bit similar. He not only has fashion crises of his own, where he doesn't like ANY of his shirts except the one in the laundry covered with dirt, he has a lot to say about what I'm wearing. It's been a long, long time since I tried to make it out the door in a button-down white shirt. And they're so pretty, too...

  2. Really? What does he say about your clothes?
    I have yet to hear about that, although both children refuse to lay on my shoulder if my hair is there! So picky...