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Thursday, January 28, 2010

True Confessions

I've got myself absolutely convinced that if I could only admit all of my darkest most wild secrets on my blog, I'd have a huge blog readership.

But then I'd have to go and make some secrets, something I'm entirely too tired for.

What else makes a good blog? I should probably be selling things, ad space and fancy products for new mothers.

Actually, I am selling something. It's called THIS LITTLE MOMMY STAYED HOME, and even if you don't like the title, you'll love the book. And despite the fact that the book is a funny, quick, mommy lit book, it was a labor of love that I hope will be a gift to new mothers everywhere (the way Anne Lamott's Operating Instructions was for me).

Oh, I did think of something else I could sell. One of my yoga students makes these amazing herbal teas. Moonrise Medicinals is her little tea company, and everything from the teas to the packaging is lovely. You can choose your teas from her website and put in on order through her email, as the orders don't yet go through the website. I'm drinking tea like a junky these days with the cold weather and to stave off colds. She is also another mother with the goddess mother energy shinning all around her. Part of my tribe.

Just think, if you bought everything I'm selling today, you could read a book and drink some tea. How relaxing. You could also pat yourself on the back for helping to stimulate the economy. Now isn't blogging wonderful advertisement?

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