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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

And a New Year to All

Well, it is a new year, and wonderful one at that. It just might be the most peaceful time in history. (Think about THAT.)

Or, at least, it is somewhere. Here at my house, my daughter has morphed into a koala and she is absolutely certain I am a branch. I haven't been able to peel her off of me for days, this on account of a terrible cold. When I put her down, she loses it completely in a fit of heart-wrenching sobs. This would be fine if I had stronger arm muscles. Luckily, she's changing all that.

I, like many in the civilized universe, made a New Year's resolution. Which I promptly forgot. I think it had something to do with writing more letters. I think letters deserve a come-back, as do horse-drawn carriages. (What better way to stave off global-warming?)

In fact, if I can pick a bone, (and why not, it's my blog that nobody reads, I can write whatever I want and if it's really bad, I can delete later on. Wow. The internet is amazing.), why do people send holiday cards without a personal message of any kind? Now, I love you if you sent me one at all, but not even one little word written in ink? That's like sending a Hallmark card without writing even your NAME in it. We really shouldn't let Hallmark do all the work for us or our loving, writing brains will atrophy.

Perhaps you'll join me in a new year of letter writing. Or, if you like, you can just tell me your new year's resolution with a comment. At least then we will be interacting. I love interacting. It's an improvement on acting in every way.

Now back to my one-armed life (toddler in the other arm). Wish me biceps.


  1. I also love letters. Especially the letter Q. Just look at it: Q

    how perfect.

    I'm also fond of G. And W.

    Personally, while I enjoy receiving holiday cards/notes, I don't entirely get the point. They made sense when people lived hundreds of miles from each other and it took months for post to arrive, because NOBODY would use a long-distance phone call unless somebody died. But today? Today we can call each other whenever we want (granted that the kids won't actually let us talk in peace) or, better yet, for those of us who like the spoken word, is EMAIL. And blogging. And facebook, where we can have a conversation with multiple friends on the same thread, etc... I guess I'm just a 21st century kind of girl.

  2. And I am not. I love those cards because most of the people I get them from I DON'T talk to on a regular basis and I love knowing how they are. And for me, the time it takes to send a card is infinitely more significant than what I get via email. But them I am truly old fashioned--still awaiting the comeback of the horse and buggy!