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Monday, May 24, 2010

Why This Blog Is Lame

I don't know if anyone else can claim this great title, but it suits me, so I'm taking it. I am the anti-blogger. I am the blogger who doesn't even like blogging. I am the blogger who doesn't do facebook, who will not tweet. In fact, in graduate school, I refused to have an EMAIL account (and I'm not that old so yes they existed back then and yes that's how people communicated). I was the only person in the entire school without one. I insisted on being PHONED for all communication. Can you imagine?

And now that I use the cyber world slightly more than that, I still will not bend the very few Luddite scruples I have left. (And after an enlightening program on the shameless privacy policies of Facebook aired on NPR which I heard, I am quite happy about my choice.) And then, to get to the point, my blog is lame because it's not a gushing confessional (think I'm going to write about my sex life, fights with my husband, and my worthless boss). Nor is it a political firework. (Although I have said before and will say again that writing about diapers and poop IS a political act.) And, I do not appear naked anywhere. I don't talk about celebrities. I don't date them either.

Alas for the six of you who read this. Where's the meat? Where are the goods? And for that matter, where's all the advertising? Am I the only blogger left who isn't hawking goods for a dozen companies? (Yeah, I am selling my own book. And if you click on it you'll get to Amazon, but really, you should be a better person than that and buy it at your local bookstore.)

Anyway, I'm still right. I'm as right as I was back in seminary when I refused email. Communication is always better face to face--if not then voice to voice. And the only world I want to be a part of isn't cyber. Call me old-fashioned. Call me lame. I want people for dinner and play dates. (And yes, occasionally, I do long for a few comments left on my posts, but not nearly as much as I long for company.) Now that I'm thinking about it, maybe I could start up a whole website about this, a whole network of people just like me, blogging and connecting and posting all about how much they don't like the internet. Think it would work?


  1. Meh, I think we can just call you an extrovert. For many of us, face-to-face communication isn't as enjoyable as digital. It's a personality thing.

  2. You think? Do you really prefer it? Deep in yoru heart of hearts? Or maybe do you see enough of people in your day, with your job and your around sometimes husband and your family nearby?

  3. I love to write so I would love to start a blog ... just don't know how.

  4. HOw about some lame advice: just start! blogspot is so easy. They do it all for you, you just plug in the words!

  5. Such great advice! So I did it! YAY!! I just started though so not much there (more like nothing!). And still learning (which will probably be a long process, I'm sure).


  6. Looks good, Stacey. I love the Blah, blah blog title! And now just let all your friends know about it by email with a link so they can read it. Don't worry, even if you have many people read it, you will still feel as though you are writing for yourself. And maybe that is the most important thing anyway.

  7. I cheated and posted some of my old blogs that I had previously posted on my Facebook page so now I got a headstart. Hehehe!

    Hey, it's my blog and I will cheat if I want to. ;)

  8. I don't know if that's really cheating...after all you did write the posts. Now maybe if you took things off of someone else's blog...