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Friday, January 15, 2010


While I'm not one to blog true confessions, I have a tendency, in life as well as blogging, to say or write what's true for me. Once, when telling a friend that I felt like sometimes I don't even like my child, my friend said: "Wow. You are sooo honest." Does that mean other mothers feel this way but don't say it? Why hide under that rock? To me that's some dirty laundry that needs an airing out.

We're very human in this house. Sometimes embarrassingly so. I wish that I had a better handle on running a house. Playing with the children I've got down, and washing them and dressing them, and I'm even pretty good at the laundry, but I seldom feel I have shifted into Donna Reed mode and accomplished a great deal with the organization of the house. Not to say that the house is a disaster; I think this is a reflection of my inner state of mind--in other words, the amount of purpose and effort I put into those activities, whereas some things, for example yoga and teaching yoga, feel to me completely effortless.

So I am not ashamed to confess I am a Mama who needs help. I love to read books. Currently on my Mama bookshelf I've got: Everyday Blessings, Positive Discipline, and Your Highly Sensitive Child.

Some Mama web resources I like: the feminist breeder, mommy-is-rock-n-roll, Parenting Unplugged Radio, the new homemaker, to name just a very few.

And mostly I spend as much time as possible talking to my other mother friends without whom I would be a great disaster. It's not simply, "I get by with a little help from my friends," it's "what would life be without help from our friends?"

Now I am going to go play solitaire on the Nintendo instead of cleaning my house.

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