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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Out of Gas

Today, in one of those extraordinary feats of the universe speaking in metaphor, I found myself in a car with no gas. We weren't going anywhere. Then I found myself dialing a cell-phone with no battery. "Low battery-turnning off..." And later, starting up a computer with no charge.

Truly, the only kind of gas we had here today came with this follow up: "Who tooted, Mama? Was that the baby?" Indeed, the vegetarian diet has some benefits, as does an infant sibling, always ready to be blamed for gross behavior (innocently unaware and generally speaking pretty much perpetually full of gas).

The behavior was terrible. I was out of gas, the two exhausted older children wretched and unmoved by my pitiful state as She-Who-Needs-Her-Battery-Charged.

After long naps (and let's be honest, a healthy dose of chocolate), things looked much better. What do people do when children stop napping? What do people do who don't believe in the Great Gifts of the universe delivered so pun-ily through the day?

I am recharging. God is my power source--a truly renewable resource.


  1. You're posting again! Hooray!
    Well, the Kid hasn't napped in over a year. What do we do? TV. Every weekend, he gets special TV time so we can get a break from him.

    Nope, no regrets whatsoever. I am not meant to be in other people's company 24/7.

  2. My kids don't watch TV--yet--but then they nap (and play with one another for long periods of time), but what I want to say is that I watched lots of TV as a child and I'm normal....