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Monday, April 25, 2011

Dreaming of Writing?

Check out this writing contest WITH publication in an anthology for the winners. I will be a part of it and you can too! We're looking for women writers, published and unpublished. It's a wonderful opportunity to call up the muse, get some words on paper, and maybe hold a book in your hands with your story inside.

It's a great moment to see yourself in print. Why I remember when a box of my first novel showed up on the doorstep. My son raced to the enormous package certain it was for him, ripped it open and gazed sadly down at the books. "Mama wrote this!" I picked one up. "I wrote this! This is my novel." "Go be a fire engine," he commanded me, walking away, completely unimpressed. I'm thinking this anthology will have a much more appreciative audience. Or, at the very least, an audience out of diapers.

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