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Monday, February 20, 2012

I haven't blogged in a great long while, mostly because I decided I wanted to do other more fulfilling things with my time, and for whatever reason, I did not find blogging a really satisfying activity (which I know makes me uncool, unpopular and off the radar...alas!). I have always been a Luddite and it seems times haven't changed! In graduate school I refused to get an email account; I often think I might have been better keeping that committment. Real human contact is at the top of my list for what makes life wonderful; as for the written word, nothing beats a letter. If the postal service wanted me to, I'd start the campaign to bring back the letter.

So a brief reading update anyway. I've been really satisfied with some of my recent parenting reads. Here they are:

Still love to read and re-read: Mothering as a Spiritual Practice
How to Behave, So Your Kids Will To!

Children: The Challenge
Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother


  1. I love the honesty but I hope you'll still update your 'blog' more often, you do have a great site and I'm really curious about your book.


    1. Thank you! I hope you enjoy the book. You can even buy it on ebay now.

  2. Letters are still alive and well in Indiana! I once knew someone named Wilde from Nantucket. Tell the Supreme Goddess she hasn't aged a day.

    1. Funny how in this Facebook world everyone knows how every person they have ever met is doing. And those of us not on Facebook sometimes wonder if friends of the past are even still living.... I can think of only one person in Indiana. And that was a person I loved very deeply and very much, and still do, in the way we always love best the people who change our lives. And, of course, I am glad to hear people read and write letters in Indiana. I have even sent cards to that state myself!