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Monday, June 3, 2013

What are women for?

I checked in with my blog and discovered that I hadn't visited in several weeks which always begs the question: what WAS I doing?

Well, I planted a vegetable garden and got six chicks and changed 213 diapers and attempted to potty train and worked on a new novel, taught some yoga classes, officiated at a wedding, preached a sermon, read three books and washed my kitchen floor.

I also blogged for some other places. I'm up today to support the amazing organization MotherWoman in their 'Advocating for Mothers' campaign, at Huffington Post with a piece called, "What Are Women For?" I love this piece and wonder what other mothers think.

I also made a confession at She Reads in my Tell Me Something True piece. This is another one of my favorite posts--and favorite sites--close to my heart and my work.

So while I am ambitiously under-achieving in the blogosphere, I have done something!

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