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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Isn't it Neurotic?

Today it involved putting the baby to her nap and allowing her to cuddle her favorite sweater. A sweater with a large hood. And a zipper. As I've never left her with anything in the crib before (she is almost 13 months old), I feared the worst. Somehow she would manage to roll around in the crib in such a way that the over sized hood would strangle her. I turned up the baby monitor REALLY loud, listening intently for her breathing. You can guess the rest.

She's fine.

But then I am the woman who checks on her children after a night out to make sure that the babysitter has not somehow dispensed of them. (For what? I don't know. I don't do these things. I just worry about them. Maybe some illegal baby ring?)

But then these utterly helpless, perfect beings have been--impossibly--placed in my care. I certainly don't want them to think--or pay good money to a therapist as an adult in order to rehash this neglect--they got mere medioctrity when it comes to mother-worry. No, this is one area in which I do excel.

Everyone needs to be good at something.


  1. I tried swaddling Peanut in my shirt that I wore all day to help her sleep a few times but it didn't seem to help her stay asleep. She hates her crib. I HAVE FAILED! :-) Being a parent is the funniest game of trial and error.

  2. As a friend once said to me, "babies aren't supposed to sleep...."
    You're a success because you care.
    That's cheesy, but it's true.