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Friday, August 14, 2009


Ever notice how when you post on your blog you imagine thousands, if not millions, of eager readers devouring your every clever word? Okay, maybe YOU don't do that. And hey, neither do I. I'm too busy trying not to check my book sales on Amazon.com, and, um, taking care of my children, to worry about the relative success of my blog personality. Anyway, I cannot compete. I am told, though I have not read, blogs that journal in great detail one's sex life, one's divorce, one's affairs, one's depression.

I have nothing on these people.

Well, except cloth diapers. They're very edgy, you know. Very now. Very political. And I've been using the same set through two children. Thrifty lady. Maybe one day I'll post a picture of them. Stay tuned. Don't turn off your computer. Things are happening on this blog! Watch out! Boring mother, woefully lacking in racy content, blogs on.


  1. No one reads my blog either.

  2. There's something very funny about that! Although *I* read your blog, so that's one of us, and then you have so many "followers!" I don't know...the internet occasionally feels too much like junior high for me. After birth, popularity should not matter at all.

  3. Just read your book-- love it!!

  4. Just read your book-- loved it!