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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Naughty Bad Thoughts

Don't get your hopes up. Or anything else for that matter. There is nothing erotic about what I'm going to say. However, if there was, I would probably be exceedingly more popular.

Even if they aren't sexy, there are still naughty bad thoughts:
1. Are we doing too much? I mean the crazy business, and the texting and the jobs and the house and the family? And all the simplify-your-life magazines just tell you more things to BUY. When my daughter grabs her jacket, she says, "hurry." She thinks her jacket is called "hurry." Ouch.
2. Shouldn't somebody stay at home? It doesn't have to be mother, but wouldn't it be nice if it was someone? Keeping the home fires burning? It's not a non-job, it's a calling, the sacred hearth keeper. At least it was, in days of 'yore.
3. Are there more bloggers than people?

I'm just asking.


  1. "1. Are we doing too much?"
    If by "we" you mean mothers, then yes. We are ALL doing too much.

    "2. Shouldn't somebody stay at home?"
    Are you saying the cat doesn't count? Poor thing. She's very hurt. She spent all day moving around to make sure the sunbeams weren't neglected.

    "3. Are there more bloggers than people?"
    Yes. The majority of bloggers are actually a scripted xml codedesigned by the Flying Spaghetti Monster to interact more personally with his flock. Er, his flock's not right. What do you call a collection of noodles?

    I would LOVE to stay home; the minute you find somebody willing to buy me a house and send me a check every week for groceries and childcare, let me know. :*