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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Yoga Rant

Recently reading two yoga memoirs woke me up to a terrible thought: some people go to the WRONG yoga classes!

This is a national calamity.

I thought Dederer's yoga memoir was lovely, moving, interesting and a beautiful patchwork of yoga, identity and motherhood. But the poor woman kept going to the wrong classes where teachers lacked any sense of humor and fellow yogis maintained the grim look of jilted lovers except wearing special hundred dollar yoga pants and hanging out on a squishy plastic mat!


 My friend, Brian Leaf, wrote this book. It's honestly funny (in other words, honest and funny). I love how he shares about Kripalu yoga. I think everyone should go to a Kripalu yoga class. No one is going to tell you you're "wrong" or a pose is "bad" or that some incredible, permanent rules of yogic alignment exist and you CAN'T FIGURE THEM OUT! He tells the story of healing, in all its forms, AND he was blessed with going to the right yoga classes.

My attitude to yoga is one of love and humor. I just can't see what everyone has their panties in a bundle about! Breathe and stretch, people! It may be both an art and a science (I think it is), and it may also be both a prayer and a meditation (I think it is), but it is also a release and joy.

So here's my contribution. Have FUN!

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