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Sunday, December 2, 2012

Do you know a new mother in need of a care package?

Two years back I posted about wanting to help some new mothers and I heard back from a woman whose sister recently became the first time mother to a baby girl which allowed me the opportunity to send along a package to a stranger--but a sister in the motherhood.

Well, I want to do it again.
New mothers have the best, hardest time, and I love them.
 If you know a new, first-time mother who could benefit from a care package of gifts, I want to know about her. I'll send along a copy of THIS LITTLE MOMMY STAYED HOME, probably some chocolates, and maybe another thing or two she might need.

Please leave a comment and tell me about this new mother. Tell me what she needs and why she came to your mind and heart. If I get a few replies, I'll pick one or two and go from there to get the care package to this new mama in time for the holidays.


  1. Hi Sam,

    My sister, Lauren, is 42 and about to have her first baby! Her due date is Dec 6th. She is a UCC minister (soon to be officially ordained) and social justice activist. She works with young adults guiding them in a social justice and spirituality mentoring program. Years ago Lauren lived in Basra, Iraq for 3 months during the sanctions in order to witness the suffering of the people. She lived with an Iraqi family and slept with them on the roof during the sweltering heat. She came home quite thin from the lack of food but full of heart as she continued her peace and justice witnessing against the war. Her act of non-violent civil disobedience against a weapons manufacturing company landed her in maximum-security prison for one month in Framingham. Lauren is feisty and passionate about life and justice. She sings in chorus and practices yoga daily - she has a full-belly cackling laugh. We are bi-coastal sisters; she is in Seattle and I am in Western Mass. I miss her with all my heart. She will be a beautiful mother.

    Thank you for the work you do in the world, Sam!

  2. Thank you, Jen. What a testimony to an incredible human being, a woman after my own heart (okay, me and jail, not so much, but some of the other stuff!). And a mother in a matter of days. You will need some airline tickets soon!

  3. Jmrbmw--will you send me another comment without the name and address in it? I'd love to include it here! Thank you.